Sivasri Srithara Kurukkal
Chief Priest and President

As of April 2014, there is only one member on the committee, Hindu Reverend Sivasri Srithara Kurukkal, who holds the title as President and Chief Priest. He is the founding member of this organization and a key player in its success. His father, forefathers, and all ancestors have been Priests. After studying the core religious rituals and Vedas from Brammasri Seethaaraama Sastrigal and Brammasri Narayanaaya Sastrigal, he continued to lead his ancestral temple in Kumarapuram, Sri Lanka. Currently his siblings and uncle are in charge of their family temple. He migrated Canada in 1988 after living in India for two years and takes credit to bringing the first Canadian Hindu Almanac published in Toronto in 1993 in collaboration with his father-in-law, the late Sivasri L. Sivagnanachelva Kurukkal. Mostly working independently in conducting prayers in peoples' home, Sivasri Srithara Kurukkal has been assisted with conducting prayers and services in many prominent temples in the GTA such as the Hindu Temple Society of Canada, Canada Kanthaswamy Temple, Sri Durka Temple, former Kipling Siva Temple, Siva Vishnu Temple, and Muthuvinaayagar Devasthanam to name a few. Aside from the knowledge of temple management and the Hindu religion, Sivasri Srithara Kurukkal has owned and operated two businesses, J.J. Suridhar and Annapoorna Take-out and Catering, textiles and restaurant respectively which helped him gain the insight and knowledge on start-up businesses. In 2002, after a brief trip to India, it was the blessing and the work of Lord Chandramouleeshwara for Sivasri Srithara Kurukkal to start a temple and keep it running till this day.

Sivasri Ratnaiyer, Naventha Kurukkal
Assistant Priest

Sivasri Naventha Kurukkal also hails from a lineage of Priests. He began his studies into Priesthood at Velanai Mahavidyaalayam in Velanai, Sri Lanka and started to conduct prayers at the famous Naranthanai 'Thaanthondri' (Temple which created itself) Amman Kovil. After gaining some experience he flew to Malaysia in 1988 and worked at a few temples to enhance his skills. He returned to India in 1991 and worked at the Kumarasamy temple in his hometown of Vavuniya. In 1993 he received an opportunity to work at the Pillayar Temple in Paris, France for three years and then returned to resume service in his home country. He conducted his duties as a Hindu Priest at the Navakuli Murugan Temple, Vanni Muthumaari Tempe, Gnana Vairavar Temple, and received another opportunity to work in the Zurich Sivan Temple from 2001-2005. In 2007, Sivasri Naventha Kurukkal arrived in Canada to continue his work as a Priest at the Sri Ayyappan Samajam. His charisma, hard work, vast and in depth knowledge of Hinduism and temple operations made him an attractive candidate for our temple. Since 2010 we have been proud to have him as another pillar of support to the growing success of our congregation.

Sivasri Kanagasabesa Sharma, Gobe Sharma
Junior Priest

Hailing from Thanjavur, India and growing up in Sri Lanka, Gobe Sharma is another valuable asset to our temple. From his earlier years he has studied the Vedas and grew up working in the famous Ponnambala Vaneswarer Kovil in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He adds value because all his years he has continued and found a way to praise Lord Shiva so delicately and gracefully. This attracts many devotees who join Gobe Sharma in praising Sri Chandramouleeshwara.