Future Goals

Succession Planning

  •    Conduct a 'Maha Kumbhabhishekam' in July 2014 with the newly built temple
  •    Release 'Sivaarpanam Vol. II' in July 2014. Production underway with music by New York Raja from the GTA
  •    Hire 4 more staff members, 1 more full-time Priest, 1 full-time staff member Cook/assistant priest, 1 full-time office administrator, and 1 part-time custodian
  •    Start a Kitchen Service in coalition with the Youth volunteers to help the needy
  •    Start a permanent clothes drive and completely vegetarian food bank
  •    Re-design our temple Logo to be more innovative and attractive
  •    Re-Launch a newly designed Website, currently in talks with Acestra IT
  •    Launch a Social network initiative (via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube) to help promote and market temple events and attract more youths
  •    Re-start the religious studies programs, open to members of all faiths, led by former Trustee S. Lingasamy and Professor N. Subramaniam (PhD Religious Literature)
  •    Conduct monthly workshops to help members of the community in all age groups to have a social, recreational, and active educational environment
  •    Initiate and re-initiate traditional and contemporary cultural programs, music and vocal classes, performances, art exhibitions, and promote as well as help engage the youth of today give back to the community
  •    Create a presence in the community by getting involved in more events conducted and held by local politicians Councilor Raymond Cho and MP Rathika Sitsabeisan
  •    Establish the 'Sri Chandramouleeshwara Cultural Centre,' a place that promotes and preserves the Sanatana Dharma whilst instilling the ideologies of honesty, purity, and self-restraint